Rock Man

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2008 Photo Gallery



Garden photos by Gayle Sackett




Secret Garden #1

Lush plantings

Down the garden path....

Water-wise hillside plantings

Quiet corner

Garden art pops

Recycled concrete steps


Secret Garden #2

Parking strip with pizazz

A place to linger

Dense and drought tolerant plants

Hillside solutions

Just gorgeous! Clematis

Dry stream bed


Secret Garden #3

A walk in the park

A garden manicure

Asian influence


Not just any rocks

Waterside gazebo


Secret Garden #4

A walk in the woods

Mature rhododendron

Azaleas and rhodies

Urban farming

The original Lake Forest Park School

Beautiful, mature garden


Secret Garden #5

Well designed home and garden

Granite steps

Texture and color

Beautiful use of stone

Contrasting foliage & flowers

Whimsy in the grass



Glass art by

Theresa Novion

Kathy Collins - Watercolorist

Metalwork by

Mary Anne Adams

Diane McClary - Watercolorist



Bradshaw Trio

Mike Good - guitar

Rose McIntosh Duo


Kana Woodwind Quintet


Diana Beaumont